Reduce Grocery Bill with this Money Saving Idea

Grocery shopping, apart from being a time-consuming endeavour, can eat into a huge chunk of your income. The reason for this is that no household can survive without grocery meaning that if one wants to save some money, they have to find a way to reduce grocery bill. Well, there are lots of ways for you to cut your grocery bill. That said, we are going to be looking at gardening at your home. Granted, a lot of people have a backyard or some space in their compound that they could spare to grow some grocery. A simple search online should point you in the right direction as to which plants do well in your area. If you follow the advice of established “farmers”, it is possible to reduce grocery bill by up to 50% especially for green groceries. Done right, growing your own grocery should save you some money and reduce the amount of time you spend going to the grocery store.

Reduce grocery bill

"Saving money quickly - How to save money by budgeting

Saving money quickly – The goal we all set out to achieve

Going on holiday soon? Christmas coming up? And now you’re sat here thinking of the best way to be saving money quickly. We’ve all been there and most of us leave saving money to the last minute. But saving money quickly doesn’t have to be all that difficult. First, you need to get some pen and paper and start budgeting. Write down all your outgoings and see where you could potentially save some money. Do you really need that subscription for something you don’t use? No? Cancel. See, you’re already saving money. Next time you and your friends want to go out for dinner why not suggest making food at home? It’s not only a great way to show off your cooking skills, but if you all share the cost of the ingredients, you save money, too. There are things you may feel like you can’t save money on groceries, for example, but you might be wrong. Try making a meal plan to make sure you only buy what you need. This way you may find you can save money through not only buying cheaper groceries, but also because you can make more than one portion and freeze the rest for another time. It may seem like you’re not going to be saving a lot, but it all adds up! And be sure to get a time key locking money box, so you don’t spend all the money you’ve just saved!

Tricks for Saving on Electricity Bills


Electricity prices are rising so dramatically that people are filled with fear at the arrival of their utility bills. Saving on electricity bills starts with something as simple as replacing your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. These CFLs use about 75% less energy and they also last far longer than the incandescent bulbs. Motion sensors too, automatically turn lights on and off, saving you from wasting lights. If you Install a smart solar system from the CSIRO, you make your home more environmentally-friendly, and your electricity bills are far lower as well. This solar panel and algorithm system will respond to the weather, your power usage, and off-peak time. It selects the most efficient source for the household’s electricity supply, switching from solar to stored power as needed. Installation is estimated to be roughly a day, so you can start saving on electricity bills almost immediately. There’s an app that goes with the solar panel, allowing some owners actually to see how much money they’re saving.

Tips for saving money while travelling

Saving money while travelling, eating local food is a lot cheaper

Anyone who has ever made a big trip will tell you: travelling is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Nothing is more life changing than packing your bag to travel across the world and meeting new people and getting in touch with new cultures. Wanting to travel may be easy, being able to pay for it might not always be. But to make things a bit easier on your bank account there are a lot of things you can do to save money while travelling. To help you out here are a few tips for traveling on a budget. 1. Try to save on accommodation by going to places where you have friends. Take advantage of that friend doing an internship abroad! 2. Find out where the locals eat. Those places usually offer cheap and simple, but also delicious meals. 3. No cheap restaurants around? Go to the supermarket and cook for yourself. Saving money while travelling is not difficult, just use social media and do some research online. Because the more money you save, the further you can travel. Saving money while travelling will not make your trip any less enjoyable but it will allow you to go further and return home knowing that you were economically smart.

Australian Dream – Save for future, have fun now!

Plan to save for future now.

What is the Australian dream? In my opinion, it is the balance between the question ‘ Save for future? Have fun now?’ The secret to saving for future and enjoying life now can be achieved by following these 5 easy steps:

1. Understand your cash flow: We all have money coming in and money going out. It’s not understanding where all this money is going that is affecting our quality of life and saving capacity. If you create a weekly budget and review this every week you will have a better understanding of your saving and spending capabilities.

2. Know your goals: If you know what you want in the long term and the short term, it will make it easier to decide what to spend your money on each week or even each day. How much you need to save in order to achieve your dreams.

3. Limit your monthly bills: By reducing the amount of money that you pay out each month for bills you will increase your spending and saving capacity. It might be great to have a brand new car every 3 years, but what is that bill doing to your available cash?

4. Keep your savings separate: By electronically moving your savings funds into a high-interest saver account not only are you not tempted to touch the money before it goes into savings, you are also making this money work for you by gaining a return in the high-interest account.

5. Plan for fun: If you don’t have an emergency fund for fun then you will be going backwards before you even start to save for future dreams.

There you have it 5 easy steps to ensure that you can save for your future whilst having fun now!

Best money saving tips

Best money saving tips

The best money saving tips are when investment is involved. The aim of saving money is to be able to accomplish a goal that we would not be able to achieve with the amount of money we have right now. That is why we put aside that extra money or we sacrifice something in our lives in order to reach that goal. However, to achieve that goal, we have to wait depending on the amount you wish to save. What if you could make extra money from the same money you’re saving? The only way to achieve that is to choose a form of investment that allows you to earn extra money from your savings. We have no-risk, low risk and high risk investment. An example of a no-risk investment is a savings account that earns you interest. With no-risk investment, you will not lose any money. You can opt for a current savings account where you can withdraw the money at any time or a fixed deposit account where you will be able to withdraw the money at an agreed upon time. Both of these options will earn you interest. Shop around because different banks have different interest rates. Choose an account that pays compound interest. This means that you earn interest on both the money you’ve saved and the interest you’ve earned. Low risk investment, as one of the best money saving tips, is investing in bonds. If you have money that you do not have an immediate use for, buy government or corporate bonds. You’ll earn interest as per the agreed upon term; that interest rate is higher than a savings account. You’ll also get back your principle amount after the bond has matured. Your interest will depend on market performance. High risk investment is investing in shares. The market is always volatile and you cannot be sure how the market will behave. The likelihood of losing money in this type of investment is high, but so is the chance of making more money. This unpredictability makes this option high risk. Whichever option you choose, these are some of the best money saving tips that you can opt for as they will earn you money.

Saving on the Christmas Day

Saving on Christmas

Christmas is the festive seasons with guests, gifts, decorations and shopping. It is fun and a bit of planning can save on wastage which will add to your purse. Just by doing simple things people do not take notice of you can save the extra dollar. This is from my experience this Christmas, Some fresh ideas.

Save the Gift Package – It might sound a bit distraught but some packaging material can be reused. The gift wrap can work as a great fire starter for camp fires and the boxes have many uses. The most common use is to ship articles. You can save on the packaging material when you are sending some things. Simple is it not?

Save the Warranties and Manuals – Some gifts come with warranties and manuals. Make sure you keep them safely. Some items covered under warranty can be repaired without cost if you have the warranty card, and the manuals can help you operate the gift article.

Buy for next year – The Christmas day has huge discount on sales. You can buy some articles and gifts for next year. The discounts will help you save money. But never buy electronic gadgets as technology can change in a blink.

Keep all the receipts – Sometimes the gifts might be defective. You should keep all the receipts in case of returning. Receipts will also help you keep a record of the spending. This can be an indicator for next year shopping as well.